Real Estate Transactions Require The Experience Of Seasoned Real Estate Professionals.

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Leverage the international powerhouse of Coldwell Banker coupled  with a native Coloradoan with 20 years of expertise and a lifetime and legacy of Colorado real estate.

The Right Buyer

Our enormous market reach, reputation and precision pricing are known to cause offers from potential buyers. As both a real estate agent and a previous loan officer, Dave has the expert ability to assess the financial viability of each potential buyer to avoid tying up your property with marginal buyers. The strength of Dave’s name recognition as your listing agent attracts and mobilizes all of the other agents from all companies to sell your property.

The Right Price & Terms

The highest list price is not always the highest sale price and the highest sale price is not necessarily the highest net proceeds to the seller. Dave recommends a precision price range with the options for professional staging to showcase your home and increase your profit.

The Right End Result

Selling a Front Range Colorado or Summit or Park county property is often one half of the big picture. Where do you go from here? Dave will partner with you and educate you to project the big picture, end result, so you can see if it is the right time to sell your property.

Create A Secure Lifestyle

Many people need accurate information to determine whether it’s the right time to sell a home. Dave’s style is to have an initial 45 minute consultation to explore your new life possibilities. Join our growing number of enthusiastic, successful clients.

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Sellers Guide

Make your real estate selling journey an enjoyable one. Start by answering the questions in this guide to clarify your ultimate lifestyle.

Sellers Guide