A House Isn't Just A Place Where You Live... A Home Is A Place You Make Memories!

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The Right Property

Learn to recognize a great value. Invest in Colorado properties in the right location and in the right condition to position you with strength when it comes time to sell. Learn how to accelerate equity and increase property value: where to spend improvement dollars and where NOT to spend. Request a 15 minute call.

The Right Price

Avoid overpaying. Fair market value is determined through due diligence and expert interpretation of ALL the facts. Agents can easily make mistakes and skew facts to support their opinions. Some so called ‘comparable sales’ may not be an accurate source of comparable value. Ask Dave about any listed property.

The Right Financing

Dave and his team of financing experts will help you structure financing, to fund your ultimate, secure lifestyle.

The equity from real estate investments often funds life dreams. Understanding your short-, mid- and long-term goals helps Dave to structure the best financing. What kind of life changes do you anticipate? A child’s college fund, parents’ long term care, personal travel… what else? 

Create A Secure Lifestyle

Many people need accurate information to determine whether it’s the right time to buy a home. Dave’s style is to have an initial 45 minute consultation to explore your new life possibilities. Join our growing number of enthusiastic, successful clients.

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Home Buyers Guide

Make your real estate buying journey an enjoyable one. Start by answering the questions in this guide to clarify your ultimate lifestyle.

Home Buyers Guide