The Meadows in Castle Rock See Moderate Gains in 2022 Despite Economic Challenges and Increasing Inventory

The Meadows in Castle saw continued increases in the average price of homes in 2022, however, on a much more moderate pace. Average year-to-date prices were up 3.4% over the year-to-date average in 2021. The average price in The Meadows at year end was $888,746 as compared to 2021’s average of $859,629. While prices were up only moderately, the market still proved strong for sellers with only a moderate increase in the number of days spent on the market, with the average home selling in just 10 days. The average price per finished square foot in 2022 was $246.00 up 18.5% over 2021 and the least expensive home sold was at $151 per finished square foot and the most expensive home sold in The Meadows sold at $414 a finished square foot.


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