Selling A Home; Tips For Final Touches

You have found a real estate agent to help with the value and marketing of your home. You have engaged the real estate agent and their company. The paperwork has been signed and you are making the final push to get your home ready for professional photography and the ensuing buyers.

Some final suggestions for the remaining details. Packing your personal items should not take a back seat to your property being placed under contract with a buyer. Rather packing should begin even before you market your home. De-clutter your home. Collectibles, personal photos, cabinets and closet contents should be reduced. Pack away those items you can do without.

Each room should have a focal point, be it a fireplace or a bed, it should draw your attention to that point and define the purpose for the room. All other furniture and design aspects should be cohesive with the focal point of the room.

In your laundry room, as in other areas, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, make sure light bulbs are working. Make the room look fresh, airy and inviting. Any counter clutter should be put away in cabinets.

Carpets should be cleaned if they are dirty and soiled. Hardwood floors should be refinished. Tile flooring grout should be cleaned. Blinds, shutters should be free from dust and ideally, windows should be cleaned, inside and out.

Most of these items require a bit of elbow grease and effort on your part, other items may require a financial investment with a professional company. The end result however will be worth the effort. If you are looking to receive top dollar for your home it should show like it deserves top dollar.


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