Millennials May Delay Home Buying But Still See It As The Best Investment

In a Denver Post article reporting today, the article discusses the caution with which the millennial generation is making its financial decisions. The article also cites a Gallup poll and its findings of various investment options (real estate, gold, stocks/mutual funds, savings accounts and bonds), and the polled participants’ opinion of best financial investment.

Across all age groups, including the millennials, real estate was without a doubt considered the best investment of one’s finances. Generally followed by the stock/mutual fund market and then gold.

Across the political realm, republicans and independents found real estate to be the best investment of ones financial resources. Democrats however, were found to perceive real estate as a trailing alternative to their perceived best investment source of stocks/mutual funds.

Millennials may be cautious about their financial decisions, often brought about by high levels of student debt, and being a side-line witness to divorce and the real estate and stock market crashes, they are still optimistic about their financial futures.


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