Highlands Ranch Golf Club Sees Gains In 2022

Highlands Ranch Golf Club prices continued to climb in 2022, despite rising mortgage rates, inflation and uncertainty in the economy, proving the resiliency of this community. Average year-to-date prices were up 28.2% over the year-to-date average in 2021. The average price in the Highlands Ranch Golf Club at year end was $1,262,333 as compared to 2021’s average of $984,422. While average home prices increased in 2022, it did take more than three times as long to sell a home in the Golf Club in 2022 with an average of 25 days. The average price per finished square foot in 2022 was $287.38, up 2.5% over 2021 and the least expensive home sold was at $210 per finished square foot and the most expensive home sold in the Golf Club sold at $358 a finished square foot.


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